My name is Helen Salcido. I am 67 years old. I have had liposarcoma for around 12 years. My first tumor was on my right leg and was removed in 2003. In 2006, I got another tumor on my left buttock. It was removed and I also did radiation for the second time. Again, in 2009, I got another one in my abdomen. This was removed and, within six months, I had two more tumors removed. One was 13 pounds. I also lost one kidney.

I went back to my doctor at UCSF and that is when he said that I can’t have more surgeries and that I should go see Dr. Chawla in Santa Monica to see if I could receive experimental treatment through a clinical trial. I was treated with a drug called Yondelis at the Sarcoma Oncology Center for a little over two years. When I started with Yondelis I had nine or ten tumors. When I stopped the treatments there were only four left.

In September 2014 I had a pick line put in on my left arm. This is what we are using for my treatments. I started one treatment and again had to stop to have a hernia repaired. I started again in January 2015. This is my second treatment; it is a combination of three medications.

But through it all, I have been doing well and I am still able to do everything for myself. I just want to thank Lazarex Cancer Foundation for all the help they have given me with my travel expenses. I’m here because of their help. I thank God every day for these wonderful doctors, for Lazarex, and the people who support them.

Thank you,

Helen Salcido