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The websites of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation ( has been designed and developed with the Joomla-CMS framework by the Studio Magicians of the division of the Global Web Services Group.'s technical Division also provide Hosting and Outsourced Webmaster Services to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation through it's Webmaster Services Division and as such responsible for maintaining the site and guarantee maximum visibility in LCF's overall online presence.

logoComprised of 14 professionally trained developers, engineers and web designers, the Design Studio of GWS has thus far designed, built and maintained over 1,550 Joomla driven websites. The GWS-Desk Support and Services Division with 16 high skilled technical engineers published over 60 Joomla Tutorials and support ongoing 7,000 customers and have provided help and support for over 35,000 technical cases resolving issues for their clients. Support is available 24/7 in all timezones in the world from the Regional Centers of Excellence and Customer Service Centers in Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Germany and Indonesia.

#WeHateCancerToo! 30percentOf each New Website Development for Cancer Treatment!

If you order Your  Website Development with they commit that 30% (!) of each order value will be credited to Lazarex' bank account for cancer treatment programs!

You just need to connect through →this inquiry form ← to entitle them the contribution if the #1 Joomla Professional Services Provider successfully creates and delivers your site.

one year warranty
So directly you contribute a lot to this good cause and GWS-Global Web Services offers each new client that connect with them through the LCF-website (s) and orders their Website with 1 - Year Warranty and free Joomla updates*1 on the development for you!

*1 subject to minor terms