Just want to say Thank You for all you have done for me. My 600 mile trip from Springfield, Mo to the Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City, OK 2x a month would have been a financial drain without your assistance. The Lazarex Cancer Foundation has made it possible for me to continue to go for the Phase 1 clinical trial treatment. 

Most people do not know how many extra costs there are! Costs to travel to/from the trial (hotels, gas, food and tolls), CT scans every 7 weeks ($160 bill each time after Medicare),  blood tests and meds and such, wear & tear on the car after lots of trips - it all adds up. 

I am now starting year 2 with many more to go. You all have helped make it possible to LIVE!

14 months ago I had no hope, now I have nothing but hope. Not only for me, I hope this trial will also help many others who have Merkel Cell Carcinoma and other cancers.

Read more about Gail's clinical trial experience here: http://newsok.com/article/5537663